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book riview- small blue thing by S.C Ranson 17-6-13



Alex doesn't know who to believe,
 Callum or Cathrine.
one of them truly cares for her.
one of them wants to prey on her memories.
Both of them drowned.
After her school exams, Alex finds an extraordinary
bracelet set with a mysterious blue stone buried in
the Thames mud. She discovers that she can use it
to communicate with the rivers dead. Condemned
to a half-life of misery, they must steal the happiness
of the living to exist. Callum - desperate,
lonely and breathtakingly good-looking - is
one of them. Alex falls deeply in love.
And callum loves her.
Doesn't he?

First paragraph!

The swan was thrashing about at the edge of the water, its huge
wings beating the gravel and scattering all the other birds. We
watched in horror as it twisted and turned, making loud, ominous
hissing noises.

My Review

I cannot describe how gripping this book is, it makes you never want to rest until you know what is going to happen. 17 year old Alex has finished her exams, on a quick detour home by the river she finds a extraordinary blue bracelet in the river Themes. she soon Learns that she can communicate with the rivers dead(people who have drowned in the river Themes) And can only see them through  the reflection in a mirror and while wearing the bracelet. When she starts communicating to a beautiful boy callum she falls head over heels in love with him but he is stuck in a different dimension between life and death. He is one of many more who have drowned. They all feed of the happiness of the living to remain happy themselves, and she believes that he loves him until his evil sister Cathrine comes into the picture.She tells Alex that callum doesn't love her and is in a relationship with another in there dimension, Alex outraged and never wanting to see callum again takes the bracelet ignoring him not knowing what danger it will cause her.
This book is also a trigoly links and reviews coming soon!

Age range- 11/12 upwards:)

Author- S.C Ranson
publisher- nosy crow
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love, death, memory, betrayal
the themes holds its secrets

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